The Making Of Shadow Of The Colossus

Wednesday, 22nd February 2006

A brief insight into the fantastical wonderland of games development, rarely is there such a spectacle and especially of a most beautiful game. Psuedo sequel to ICO another great innovation in gaming history.

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Tuesday, 21st February 2006

From Th1ng, a UK based company, comes an advert from the town of today fearing tomorrow. Looking at their showreel it’s sad to say that all the works that I’ve seen on UK television are lacking in comparison to their other stuff. Like the Winterthur advert the animation is lucid, the atmosphere and style is a wonderland compared to the Capital One Ads. Just shows you thats it all depends on what the client wants.

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Best Comic Ever!

Sunday, 19th February 2006

Who likes ER, I quite like ER… it’s quite amusing it is. I quite like ninjas too with their katanas and their shurikens. Very dangerous them are, quite sharp, quite sharp indeed…but wait!

What’s even more dangerous than ninjas… Dr McNinja! He’s a doctor and he’s a ninja! Watch him take on McDonalds and eradicate facial hair as we know it, but most of all, watch him take on the ninja’s worst enemy… …Pirates!

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Pretty Pretty Bang Bang

Sunday, 12th February 2006

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang, a hip new game with some funky music from Studio Hunty.

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Saturday, 11th February 2006

Pretty cool video of a real life buit transformer! The first real transformer out there. Small fella but still pretty cool as it transform from a kart to a robot, does a pose and back to a kart again.

Since were on the subject here’s another video of what is supposedly a clip from the upcoming Transformer Movie…

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Metal Gear Solid : Digital Comic

Thursday, 9th February 2006

The MGS franchise is reaching another border and soon those of you who have a PSP might be able to watch the comic, that was released a while back, in action. I found this video of the upcoming Digital Comic via the Ashley Wood’s, artist of the comics, blog. It looks great but if there is one thing that I’d add would be voice acting, preferably from the game.

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