Competition: GameDev’s Four Elements IV Contest

Posted on Saturday, 3rd September 2005

Another Contest!? I’m really late on this one but I thought I’d post it anyway…

The acclaimed site GameDev is featuring a contest where you need to make a game that features any two of the four elements of the contest. The elements are pretty kooky but kooky’s good, they are: Robots, Pirates, Ninjas and Zombies. There are pratically no restrictions but I’ll let you read up on that. The prizes sound cool but a bit out of my league but it sounds cool to enter and there are of course bragging rights, right?

It ends on the 31st October, I’m four months late but there’s still a month left! Quickly make the game, write the manual, Zip the file and send it with a gift! (Kidding, you don’t ‘need’ a gift… it helps though, I’m sending cyber chocolate!)

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