The End of Avalonstar V...

Posted on Friday, 30th September 2005

…and a new start to the sixth year of Avalonstar. With that Bryan has announced the results of his Tshirt Contest!

It was a gruelling month for Bryan as through out the contest it seemed that nobody was entering, but I did. Man as bad as the contest was going, it seemed like luck was finally shining my way and that seeing as I was the only one entering, I guess it was only natural that I was the only one going to win. It was evil, coniving and in some respect sadistic. Just to make sure I bombarded him with entries and in the end I entered four, yes that was four entries into the contest! But I guess that wasn’t enough for Bryan. I guess mine were just… under par and undeserving of the $300 that he extended his contest for an extra week. A week? I wasn’t worried about a week! I was looking foward to today. Man, I could taste that prize. I was even practising how to tell him what I want. I was gonna rip off Martin Luther King, Jr but I only knew the first few words and so it went:

“I have a dream. Bryan, I said I have a dream. I dream of coding. I have a dream that you, yourself would deliver this dream upon my righteous hands and the light would shine down on us from above when I shall recieve your gift.”

Yeah… I was ready. And the day had come.

I was excited but I braved the journey in typing A-V-A-L-O-N-S-T-A-R and proceeded to press Ctrl + Enter. The page was loading. The wait was not so long but I felt my face slapped across the screen. I scrolled down and read the excerpt. The winners would be announced. I was surprised to see that there was 26 entries and sure enough my success didn’t seem so certain but I couldn’t give up now! It finished “Okay, I’ll stop talking, let’s get it on!”

There was a pause. I sighed. Stretched out my hand and brung it down until the pointer was hovering over the read on link. I looked around the room and it was grey as I felt the world daunt on me. I looked back to the screen and down to my hand. As he said, “only one click separates you from me and salvation.” and so I clicked. I clicked and prayed. The screen loaded. I saw the same block of text I had just read and under it… I saw my entry. It was a momentus day. Glory had swept me. I was readying the tears until I read right above my entry.

Third Place: Mike Ly

Third Place: Mike Ly

The tears came but lo they were not tears of joy. No they were not. I took a step back and I thought to myself: runner up is great, My design didn’t really justify his efforts in his site. I was intrigued that my last entry made it because I rushed it and it was really just a draft of an idea. I was proud that I made runner up. Now content I was ready to see who had bested my efforts. I had only scrolled down a little bit more until again tears had come.

Second Place: Phu Ly

Second Place: Phu Ly

Damn. That hurt Bryan. For those of you of less cunning, Phu Ly is my brother and I wish not to express my… opinion on the matter that he beat me because alas I would like to keep this site clean and so that when you search me up in Google, I don’t appear as a star of pornography. Now onto the winner.

First Place: Kyle Jones

First Place: Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones, I don’t know him but I do know that that was a hell of a design and much congrats to him. I wonder what he’ll wish for.

It was a great contest and I’m sure Bryan’s satisfied with the winning entry. Thanks for the comment Bryan and especially Jen. I enjoyed the contest. I’m just gutted that I have to wait another five years before I have the chance of robbing him of $300 again. It’s sad and cliche but after what has passed over these few weeks…

…I dream of Avalonstar

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